How to add product variations in Woocommerce

Step 1: Make an Attribute.

Simply go to your WordPress dashboard and select ‘attributes’ to create your attribute. Now, enter the name of your attribute and then click ‘add attribute.’

After you’ve entered the attribute name, just click on it to add the things you want inside the attribute.

Step 2: Include your characteristic in the product’s description.

You can add your qualities to an existing product or create a new one.

To add your characteristic to New the product, you must first create a product.

Simply go to ‘new,’ then ‘product,’ and then input the product name.

Once you’ve modified the settings, you’ll need to modify the setting to ‘variable product’ to add characteristics.

Now, on the products page, click ‘attributes,’ choose your attribute, and then click ‘add.’
Select the things that are available for your product, check the box for ‘used for variants,’ and then click’save attributes.’

Step 3: Make your variations.

To add variants to your product, go to the products page, click the ‘variations’ option, then pick ‘make variations from all characteristics’ and click ‘go.’


After you’ve created your variations, you may go to the fourth stage.


Step 4: Determine a pricing for your variants.


To set the price, click ‘variations’ again and select’set usual pricing’ from the list before clicking ‘go.’


Now, input your product’s pricing and press the ‘OK’ button.


After you’ve entered the price.


Let’s now look at how to set a picture for your variable product.


To do so, go to your products page and click’set product image,’ then enter your ‘product image.’


After you’ve uploaded your product picture, just click ‘publish’ to add your variable product.


Following that, if you want to personalize your variant by adding a certain price or picture – 06:10


Simply return to the product page and click

Let’s now look at how to add another set of variations to the same product.

To do so, you must once again build a new set of characteristics and then add it to the same product.

After you’ve added the variants, you must erase the previous set of variations you’ve put to your product. Simply click variants in your goods page and pick ‘remove all variations’ from the dropdown menu.

After deleting the old set of variants, you must now create a new set of variations by utilizing all of the attributes.

To do so, click the menu again and choose ‘Create variants from all characteristics.’ When you’ve finished creating another set of variants, just click ‘publish’ to save the modifications. Your product will now have a new set of variants.

Following that, if you want to display your product variants in a button style rather than the conventional drop-down menu,

You must add a new feature to your product called’swatches.’

We need to take three actions to add variant swatches to your product.

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