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  • What is the procedure for hiring a Web Developer or Web Designer?
  • What can you anticipate from hiring a Web Developer or Web Designer?
  • What should you do first, and what should you put off until later for Web Development or Web Design Project?
  • Web development projects can be as diverse and unique as the people who work on them, but they all follow the same basic steps.

The following timetable, from concept to completion, will give you a decent indication of what to expect the next time you need to engage a Web Developer or Web Designer.

  • Web Developer Vs. Web DesignerWeb Developer Vs. Web DesignerChoose the type of Web Developer Vs. Web Designer you require.

    Different skill sets are required of web designers, web developers, and graphic designers. You wouldn't expect a graphic designer to be able to code, and few web developers are at the top of their game when it comes to graphic design. Make a list of everything you need done, and then hire the appropriate web developer or designer.

  • Job description Vs. Project scopeJob description Vs. Project scopeMake a job description or a scope for the project.

    You can get creative here or just doodle a few lines. Be highly comprehensive, clear, and to-the-point in all you do. Mockups, examples, a project deadline, and other expectations should all be included. Make it crystal clear what you want and don't want. Mockups do cost money so if your on a budget then just ask for website that are online already from Web Developer or Web Designer

  • BudgetBudgetMake a financial budget.

    Make a financial budget. Choose between paying per the hour or charging a flat price for the completed project. This stage of the process demands some knowledge of what graphic designers, web developers, and website builders create.

  • Google Vs BingGoogle Vs BingWhere do you look for and hire your talent?

    Follow the steps to find a Web Developer or  Web Designer wherever you are, and then start selecting through candidates.

    Using Bing: View Example You will notice that we have many different links connected to our website. And we call that the WebMaster link. And if you view the Videos on Bings we also have some work. 

    Using Google: View Example You will notice Our Business information on the right side of the results. Giving you a quick view of what clients say and other sites that link back to us. 

    This is how you are able to confirm that a website design / development is real. 

  • How to Choose developersHow to Choose developersQualified developers

    Hire a handful of the more qualified developers. Without a doubt, some of the developers who apply will be better fit for the job than others. Examine their references and work samples. Before you give them the job you're advertising for, ask the top 2 to 4 developers if they'd mind taking on a little paid test project.

  • Ask for previous work Ask for previous work Previous Work

    If you're lucky, there'll be a clear Web Developer or Web Designer winner who stands head and shoulders above the rest of the field. One of your tested candidates will almost certainly outperform the others in terms of communication, revisions, and project quality. To discuss the original project, schedule a Skype call, an in-person meeting, or a phone call.

  • Cost of it all ? Cost of it all ? Pay structure and milestones

    Discuss the pay structure and milestones. If the project isn't too difficult, you'll most likely pay once you're satisfied with the final outcome.
    When working on a larger project, it's typical to make incremental payments when different stages of the job are done.

    Consider our payment structure on big e-commerce jobs. 50% to initiate / 25% midway of the project / 25% on complication with 3 revision included. Remember

    Time is money in the world of  a Web Developer or Web Designer

  • Frequent Frequent Always Stay Connected to your Website Developer

    Review Web Developer or Web Designer progress on a frequent basis. Don't wait until the website is completed and turned over to discover that you and your developer aren't on the same page. Along the route, review and discuss improvements. Finally, once the project has been completed to your satisfaction, make a final payment and provide any feedback you may have to your developer.

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